"…..Your desire to pave a way for (your child) has led you down a path where you have opened doors and windows for each and every one of us in one way or another. You have done this with patience and love and a vision to improve the learning experience for all of our children. Though we are all on different paths and hitting different bumps, all paths lead back to you. You have been a warrior, a cheerleader and an advocate...you have dusted some of us off and picked some of us up. You have forged a way for our kids with humilityand grace but also unwavering strength. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and friendship; for your mentorship; for your persistance! You truly are the heart of IncludeME .....I am delighted you will continue to shine your light on us"

Kristie mum to Ayden

"Being a parent is challenging; being a parent to a child with additional needs, often felt like we needed to be superhuman to truly manage my child's needs, especially in the early years.

Saba came into our lives when we, as a family, were trapped in worry, physically and emotionally exhausted, and riddled with guilt that we are not doing enough as parents.

From the moment Saba started working with us, we felt more in control of our challenges and focused on the present and doing each day the right thing, using the tools and developing skills that brought us as a family back to a more positive outlook on the future. Future did not feel so scary anymore.

Thank you, Saba! You helped us understand our child and replace worry with hope and courage. We learned how to support our child and each other, advocate in school, and in the process, create friendships with families that shared our road. Thank you for everything that you have done for us! "

MB mum of A

"Saba, you have been a great advocate for me. Your approach towards me is always so positive that you made me realize that it’s not the end of the world. You made me believe in myself that the sky is not the limit. The depth of your love towards our children is so much engraved on you that I felt our children can do the best and can reach on the top. By taking your advice, I chose the right path for my daughter. You have given guidelines on the physiological test, language exemption and the IEP support. You have strengthened my mindset to believe that everything is possible if a correct path is chosen. Truly to say that Saba, you are INCREDIBLE."

Suja mum to Anaika

"Saba is a positive and trustworthy person.She has a wide range feedback about different kinds of learning difficulties. I trust her in many situations. She is very supportive."

Christine mum of David

"Dear Saba, i will.always remember how you took the time to listen, encourage and support me in the time i have known you. I especially remember how you always offered advise on how best to advocate for my daughter and how always encouraged me to also get my daughter involved in the activities even though i couldn't be there during lockdown and you were part of the team running the games club for our children. You are so gentle,kind and thoughtful."

Lucy mum of Kuzi